The sky at night written by Lucas's daddy

Created by natalie on 11/07/2011
The sky at night and day i sit in the garden looking up at the night sky stearing at the stars knowing that they are all angels playing with each other then i decide whitch one is you i blink to see if youve gone so i can find you over and over again its like a game off hide and seek as this is the only way i get to play with you i see you twinkle in the sky in rythem with my heart beat i know your safe with all the other angels i pray the lord for a clear night so i can sit and watch you play with all the angels and give me a wink just to let me know you are there i rest my weary head upon my pillow knowing i have seen you play i close my eyes and try to sleep ready for your visit i pray to the lord that you come to say hello and have a chat i feel a draft on my back i look and you are there it wasnt a draft from the window it was your wings wraping themselves around me i sit up and wrap my arms around you so tight my arms become numb look after mummy you say and yourself daddy i am safe and have all the other angels to play with look at my wings i have finally learnt how to use them good boy i say look ive got a tattoo of your wings on my arm with your name in the middle look daddy you and mummy have finally got to sleep i turn and look and there we are both sleeping get some rest mummy will need you tomorrow am i dreaming Lucas of course you are daddy but just remember if you close your eyes i will be here ive got to go now the sun is coming up we are the stars that light the night sky we are the sun that lights the day so you see daddy im always in the sky like im always in yours and mummys thoughts he kissers his mum goodnight and gives her a cuddle with his arms and wings and whispers in her ear look after daddy because he hurts to mummy i hear the alarm clock and wake and he has gone i look at the sky and see the sun and know he is there lighting our way with all the angels